How to Write an Explainer Video Script

How to Write an Explainer Video Script August 24, 2017Leave a comment
The script is the most critical a part of the explainer video manufacturing method for exact reasonyou can have all of thepretty layout elements you like, mesmerising animation and a killer soundtrack, but if the script does not definitelyprovide an explanation for what you need to get throughout and hook the viewer in, your explainer won’t paintings.

here’s a traditional explainer video script that you would possibly‘ve heard:

Meet Jim. He does this process.

His lifestyles sucks due to these issues.

but now there’s This great product/provider!

It fixes all of Jim’s problems on this modern manner and also does those other remarkable matters that Jim never even dreamed of. it may make your existence higher too.

go to and join up now.

exceptional Product. there is no better product.

Now, granted, this oversimplified model of a user-case scenario can also sound a chunk worn-out, and we’re no longersuggesting that each explainer need to sound the identicalhowever it covers all of the basics and allows us a threat to observe the key elements of an explainer script.

let‘s break it up, and take a more in-depth look:

The intro

Meet Jim. He does this process.

His life sucks because of these troubles.

immediately off the bat, the viewer is given a situation which we hope he or she can identify with: she also has that hassleand she or he cannot wait to discover the way to repair it.

The danger here is that there are regularly hundreds of issues and so it is easy to reside here too longoccurring and on approximately all the pitfalls of the cutting-edge manner matters are executedthat’s no longer importantestablish the issue and circulate on to the solution as quickly as you could. And do not pass too wild to your description of the problema few products truly make lifestyles less difficult – the world was turning lengthy before your new pineapple peeler got here available on the market

Your product

but now there may be This amazing product/provider!

It fixes all of Jim’s problems on this revolutionary manner and also does these different notable matters that Jim nevereven dreamed of. it could make your lifestyles higher too.

Now you tell the arena what you have got. Introduce the product or servicedefine the way it solves the troublea number of the important thing capabilities and blessings and attempt to spur the viewer’s imagination of ways she may want to use it. that is what they call your USP – your particular promoting Proposition that will offer a completely uniqueor differentiated answer for their ache pointyou’re now relatable AND likeable.

call to motion

alwayscontinually, have a name to movementa web cope with, a social media handlesomething – as long as it sends the viewer someplace once you have their attentionthere may be no factor identifying with them, supplying an answerand then… leaving. deliver them the thing they need to take the following step in the use of your service or product – a manner to get in touch.

And preserve it short! If you can say it in 1 minute, why use 2?

so long as you’ve saved your script excitingengaging and remarkable, and supply the viewer a manner to take you up for your provide, your explainer video receives you ninety% of the manner towards converting a capacity lead into a loyalpatron.

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