Heavy Vehicle Safety With GPS Tracking Solutions

Heavy Vehicle Safety With GPS Tracking Solutions September 5, 2017Leave a comment

when you think about dangerous work, what comes on your thoughts?

The defence force, firefighters and police might be on the top of your listingbut what approximately heavy vehicledrivers?

In Australia, round 80 employees are killed every year while working in or round a dual carriageway-heavy automobile(safe work Australia Chair).

dashing and fatigue play a full-size component in these deaths.

consequently, having the right fleet management structures in area is crucial for handling car and driving force safety.

whilst heavy vehicles are concerned in a crash, the severity of it is usually a lot extra extreme because their automobilemass elevates the crash forced concerned.

therefore, GPS monitoring offers the shipping industry powerful solutions to manage drivers and the chain of duty to ensure safety on the roadright here‘s how:

1. safety before a shift begins:
Mitigate risks with early detection, maximum GPS tracking solutions provide suit for duty declarations and pre-departure exams which take drivers through a hard and fast of customisable protection criteria earlier than beginning a shift.

If any troubles are detected an alert is without delay despatched to a manager by e mail or SMS and the driving forcewon’t be able to start the shift earlier than the problem is addressed.

2. lessen rushing:
velocity is the leading contributing issue to heavy vehicle injuries. Loaded trailers take 20-40% farther than vehicles to stop, even similarly whilst the roads are wet and slippery (transport for NSW).

The simplest manner to mitigate the risk of speeding is to screen drivers and save you it from happening.

GPS monitoring offers automated pace detection solutions across all pace zones, managers can be alerted:
– when a motive force is dashing;
– wherein a driver is speeding; and
– Why it befell.


With way communique managers, can provide drivers live remarks on their driving overall performance so they canmake corrections in actual-time and growth safety on the road.

GPS monitoring and Fleet telematics provide secure driving solutions and dependable gear to discover rushing and identify the reasons, managers can put in force safe using regulations and teach drivers to avoid rushing.

three. Fatigue control:
motive force fatigue is unstoppable. Affecting all people, at any time. lamentablyirrespective of how experienced the motive force is, no quantity of talent can defeat the organic want for sleep.

The truck using industry denies the herbal sleep sample, with many lengthy-haul drives going properly into the hours of the night and thru to the morning. henceeffective management of fatigue is crucial to the safety of heavy automobiledrivers.

GPS tracking affords chain of responsibility structures that have manipulate measures to address fatigue, such aselectronic log books, automated breach alerts and recording riding hours.

typical, GPS tracking and Fleet telematics solutions provide seamless and green communique between managers and drivers; instant statistics is obtained thru cellular devices and in-vehicle display unit so managers have an unparalleleddegree of knowledge of their operations.

assist your business grow and make bigger by using maintaining a safe paintings surroundingsit will growthperformance and most significantlyit will make sure your drivers get domestic appropriately.

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