Is Article Writing Pointless: Are Article Marketing Services Dead?

Shock! Gasp! Horror! Article writing has become useless and marketing through articles is gone! So thought many people who were unaware of the algorithm update popularly referred to as “Farmer” was released to the online marketing world by Google. The panic was palpable and you could sense the fear in a lot of the hysterical blog posts and posts about this horrible thing Google did to us.

Google is protecting its customers

This is all true, of course it’s because Google generally does not harm the individuals who created it although it may be marginally responsible, but it does safeguard those it regards as its customers. They are those who use Google as an engine for searching information – not those that make use of the search engine to advertise!

If you’re providing useful information on your website or are using article directories, then writing is alive and well and articles marketing will allow you to increase traffic to your websites. Naturally, your sites will have to offer useful information, but dedicated sales sites are still thought of as providing Google customers with services. So what was the purpose of this algorithm change that Google launched in February?

A Panda Farmer-specific Algorithm Change

Although the dust has settled, and everybody has had their own two cents worth of opinions and explanations, there is still a lot of confusion. My explanation may not satisfy everybody, and some may disagree with me. It is their right to make their own decisions, but as an article-writing ghostwriter in good standing and many years experience I guess my opinion is as valuable just like the opinions of everyone else in the world.

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Article writing was not Google’s primary goal, nor were the article marketing services which allow you to make use of articles to promote your websites and your products. Google’s target was the plethora of unwritten information in the simplest terms:

* Articles spun from a master article

* Unprofessional rewrites of PLR articles

* Poor article writing offering only a small benefit to the reader

* Articles that offer little details, created to drive traffic to sales pages

* Very brief articles of under 400 words

* Article that contains significant spelling errors

* Article written with poor grammar

* Software-generated article taken by scraping web pages

Shortly, Google attempts to increase the quality of information offered to its users who are seeking useful information. It was not just information in the form articles as well as regular website page contents. Google would rather not see the same type of content on large numbers of result pages, even if it may be presented in somewhat different formats. They don’t want to find the text which is difficult to read because it has been so badly written.

For those confused by the name that the algorithm updates are based on, Google has named it ‘Panda’ after the Indian technician who developed the algorithm. It was given the fad name of ‘Farmer’ by people who believed that its goal was to target “content farms”. This was not the case, although content farms rightly suffered, largely due to the low-quality content they provided.

The Future of Article Marketing Services

Services for marketing articles have been currently going strong, and you can continue to advertise your website by publishing well-written articles of reasonable length that provide valuable content that is relevant to the article’s title. Make sure your article’s content directs users to a page on your website that is specifically related to the subject of the article – this is another element of writing for articles that a lot of people don’t seem to understand.

Another factor in a well written piece is that it shouldn’t be overloaded with keywords. Even 1% keyword density could be considered spamming these days. With the Google’s LSI algorithm update, it has not been required to insert keywords into your article marketing campaigns. Writing naturally is the secret to ranking well in search results for a well-written, informative article.

Response of Article Directories

The response of the article directories was to tighten its editorial policies. A lot of them, like EzineArticles had raised their word count to 400 and it’s becoming harder to get an article approved by many directories. They are now looking more specifically at grammar and the content.

Since they’re seeing their articles being refused by directories, many feel that the writing of articles has diminished its effectiveness as a tool for marketing, and that article marketing services are now either dying or not being used anymore. It’s not true. reality. In reality, you’ll soon find it much easier to get a high listing for your article for Google and other search engines since the large majority of articles were deemed to be of insufficient quality.

Article writing is now an even more effective marketing tool than it has ever been, and article marketing services are more in demand than ever before.

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