How Can I Become An Innovative Person?

We hear the term “innovation” often, and it’s amazing sometimes what qualifies for innovation since this buzzword is constantly discussed. People who are creative and ingenuous know our prospects for achievement are better than those who lack these talents and characteristics. Perhaps this is why so many people seek to learn how to be innovative. It’s certainly appealing on the resume, and most job descriptions contain a phrase or two in them like looking for someone who is an innovative self-starter. Let’s talk about the concept of innovation for a little bit and try to identify ways to present yourself to be a person who is known to be innovative.

Innovation is the process of combining observations and Solutions from Different Domains

Many who’ve thought about it long enough will realize that the best innovations within a particular field result from borrowing ideas or portions of ideas from other industries or domains. The majority of innovators I’ve met say that the majority of their concept ideas are derived from them this way. If this is the case it doesn’t mean we need to be teaching innovation in any way We just need more polymaths and people with a wide range of expertise across many different fields.

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Unfortunately, that would mean every one of the “Innovation Gurus’ would be out of work and only delivering a handful of classes because, until their students had more experiences in more areas of life and work, the participants wouldn’t be able to employ the techniques taught or possess the necessary knowledge to be a future contender in the top ranks of innovators.

Of course the scary part of this idea of recombination to generate innovation implies that it’s easy to train and if that’s the case, anybody is able to do it, so maybe that’s why everyone is trying to become a specialist in the “innovation coach” generalist category currently. If someone is experienced and has expertise and knows how to apply information from one field to another it is possible to be an innovator who are proficient in the most popular type of innovation .

If you’ve ever played sports and have learned some of the tactics and strategies used to win and use the same strategies in a business scenario to improve a product or sell a service. Perhaps you’ve had a short term at work during summer and you realize that the things you learned there could be used at the place you work or volunteer at now. Perhaps you’ve got an utensil in the kitchen , which could also be helpful for something at work just with a few modifications. This is your chance to be creative. Take it. Consider it, both regularly and early.

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